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Climate Mayhem


ABOUT Mayhem

A month-long event created by Sehome students and staff, with the intent to educate people about climate change and inspire them to become engaged in a solution.

Our project:

-Guest speaker seminar series

-Article library by topic

-Links to more information

-Movie recommendations 

-Book recommendations 

-Curriculum resources for educators

-Carbon calculator



-Our mission video

-Instagram challenges

-Inspirational stories

-Social Media: Sehome Challenges!


-Links to local sustainable businesses

-Links to local volunteer activities


-Carbon Offsets

Our Community's Thoughts

"I learned a lot of interesting facts and ideas watching the MAYhem seminars. Every speaker was great. Waste (Food waste) hurts the environment as water and energy were used in the process of making the food item, rising co2 levels decrease pH and increase toxicity in the ocean, hurting marine life and their chance of survival. The melting artic ice will change the weather and climate dramatically, destabilizing winds, currents and temperatures. All speakers did this because they care about the earth, we need more people to help care for it too. It’s great that their ideas were shared for all us students. Anyone can make a difference. MAYhem was a success. 

When we decrease our carbon footprint, it is beneficial for pretty much all living things. 

Earth is beautiful and it needs to stay that way."

"On the whole of MAYhem, I would like to reflect that this has been an interesting opportunity to expand my knowledge with regards to sustainable planning and action against climate change, both government and private. The diversity of speakers and abundance of information can be both pragmatic in advising students on how to take action or make career decisions, as well as cautionary in that it elucidates the severity of climate change and the necessity to take action and ensure a plentiful environment for future generations."

"Mayhem was cool! On most of the topics I had surface level knowledge because of Bio or Chem, but it was interesting to learn more in-depth on the topics, such as ocean acidification hot spots, albedo, and how icebergs have their own gravitational forces (and I know that every object technically does, but it was interesting to know that the amount of force that an iceberg has actually has an effect on sea level). Also, it was cool to learn about the Sunrise Movement that has been reaching out to college students in Washington. A great use of my time during quarantine."

"I think this was a good reminder and also a good wake-up call for people (like me) who didn’t really care or know the facts behind what’s happening, what will happen and what can we do differently." 

"In regards to the entirety of the MAYhem experience, I must say that I thought it went very well. In my past experience, no climate change project had the care, the professionalism, nor the engagement or inspiration MAYhem had. I would love to see it done again."

"I really enjoyed MAYhem because I got to see lots of different angles to climate change, what people are doing about it and what gives them hope for the future."

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