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MAYhem runs a week of challenges that help kick start climate action in the Sehome Community. Students and staff are encouraged to send in pictures for each day's challenge.

Check out our submissions!

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Sehome challenges 2020

5/11 & 5/18: Mayhem monday

Mayhem monday.PNG

Students and staff share photos of their favorite nature spots! Also, an opportunity to ask questions about MAYhem or climate change.

5/25: meatless monday

Sehome community spends the day experiencing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, sharing recipes and gaining an understanding of how diets impact climate change.

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This New York Times article explains how our diets can impact climate change. Read more to figure out which meals contribute most, and what you can do about it!

5/26: Tidy Up tuesday

Sehome learns to tidy up in 3 different ways.

Tidy Up Tuesday 1.png
Tidy Up Tuesday 2.png
Tidy Up Tuesday 3.png

Check here to see videos on home tidy up!

5/27: wildlife wednesday

Climate change continues to negatively impact the well being of many species of animals all over the planet. To learn more, see this World Wildlife Fund page on wildlife and climate change.


Sehome students and staff share what wildlife inspires them to make changes for the earth.

5/28: thrifty thursday

Fast Fashion

The Sehome community studies the consequences of fast fashion and electronic waste. To combat the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, students and staff share ways in which they have reused and repurposed household items.

This NPR podcast series focuses on the economic, social, and environmental effects of fast fashion-- cheap mass-made clothing that follows current fashion trends.


New developments in electronics are being made faster than ever, and old technology is being thrown away just as fast. Much of this electronic waste, or e-waste, isn't recycled properly and ends up harming the environment. Find out more in this article from The Guardian.

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5/29: Green & gold (outside) friday

Sehome students and staff celebrate their school spirit by sharing pictures of green and gold in nature.

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