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Speaker Series- 05-06/2020

Find out more about our speakers on the speaker bio page!

*  Click the underlined name of the speaker whose seminar you would like to view! 




   Thursday, May 14 at 4 pm:  Zoe Dietrich, Sehome Alumni and Bowdoin student speaks on climate impacts on the ocean​


   May 18-22: Watch Sehome alumni Dr. Maddie Smith describe her upcoming adventure on the MOSaic mission studying the physics of ice.  

  May 18-22:  Sehome Alumni and UW graduate Carter Johnson discusses ocean acidification and its impact on organisms

   May 25-29:  ReSources Sasha Savoian talks with us about waste of goods and food and how that contributes to climate change


June 1-5: Darren Grevestrategic policy advisor for King County’s Department of Natural Resources

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